About Us

Quality Vibes Cannabis was developed in the Summer of 2021, by myself, Gina!
Once Covid hit in March of 2020 I found myself on the biggest life journey I’d never expect to have. I lost myself in the process of helping everyone else figure out their journeys while never bothering to focus on my own journey. As 2020 went on I fell into a deep depression, attempting suicide in October 2020.

Finally in March of 2021 after months of trying to figure out my own brain, I met one of the most amazing life and confidence coaches named Mel Andre, and I finally started discovering how beautiful life can truly be. Since that time I’ve discovered my love for custom clothing design and apparel, while also providing the absolute best customer service of any other cannabis apparel brand out there.  

Providing my clients with the best experience possible while also making them feel like family is my focus. Without the support of the community, there would be no Quality Vibes Cannabis Apparel. I love you all and please remember that life is always worth living and IT GETS BETTER! We’re in this together, let’s make it worth it.