About Us

Quality Vibes Cannabis (also known as: QVC, Quality Vibes Canna, Quality Vibes, Quality Vibes Co) was founded in 2021 by myself, CEO, Gina Fasano.

In 2021, I was a radiology student who had recently tried to end their life and still had zero idea in what I wanted to do with my future and my career. I never lasted more than a year at a job before I started searching for another one, looking for something more, just something that actually felt like it was giving me a purpose. I genuinely thought that was healthcare, specifically radiology... I couldn't of been more wrong, but I didn't know that then. Tyler the Creator said something that basically summed it up for me: "I've always felt like the step child of life." 

QVC all started with bleach, some gildan t-shirts, and a passion. Now I create things for YOU! Dope things that are good to the earth and good to you who all wear and enjoy it. It's a lifestyle. Keep the vibes quality and you'll be just fine, we've got your streetwear covered ;) Always chase your dreams and stay true to your passions and you'll figure it out sooner than I did.